Case Study: Tottington Motor Company’s Year-Round Office Solution

Tottington Motor Company


Tottington Motor Company, nestled in the heart of Manchester, approached Elite Garden Studios with a pressing issue – their existing office space within the warehouse was not only cramped but also uncomfortably cold during the winter months. Recognising the need for a dedicated and climate-controlled workspace, they sought a solution that would provide a comfortable environment all year round. 


Elite Garden Studios collaborated closely with Tottington Motor Company to craft a bespoke office space on their premises. The strategically designed garden room not only addressed their spatial constraints but also introduced a year-round comfort solution. The inclusion of bi-fold doors allows for an airy, open space during the warmer months, seamlessly connecting the indoor workspace with the outdoors. To combat the chilly Manchester winters, underfloor heating was installed, ensuring a cosy and inviting atmosphere. Additionally, air conditioning was integrated to maintain a pleasant working environment during the summer.


The garden room was built on-site, tailored to Tottington Motor Company’s specific needs and seamlessly integrated into their existing surroundings. The installation process was executed with precision and efficiency, minimising disruption to the company’s operations. 

Tottington Motor Company


Tottington Motor Company now enjoys a dedicated and comfortable office space that transcends seasonal challenges. The bi-fold doors create a connection to nature, fostering a refreshing work atmosphere in the summer, while the underfloor heating and air conditioning guarantee a consistently pleasant environment throughout the year. The bespoke garden room not only addressed their immediate need for space but also enhanced the overall functionality and aesthetics of their workspace. 

Customer Testimonial 
“Elite Garden Studios transformed our working conditions. Our new office is not only spacious but, more importantly, it’s comfortable all year round. The bi-fold doors are a game-changer in the summer, and the underfloor heating is a welcome relief in winter. It’s been a fantastic investment for us”. 

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