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Garden Games Room

Create unforgettable moments with a garden games room in your home. This is where laughter echoes and friendly competition reigns supreme. Gather friends and family for endless hours of fun, from classic board games to creating a garden snooker room. A garden games room is a great excuse to bring your family and friends together to enjoy an evening of laughter and create memories that will be cherished forever.

Consider a spacious layout with ample room around your gaming tables. Opt for comfortable seating that encourages relaxation and gameplay. Add storage for board games, card decks and other essentials. Ensure sufficient lighting for clear and enjoyable gameplay and perhaps even a cosy corner for spectators to cheer you on.

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A Variety Of Design With Our Garden Games Rooms

Our summerhouse games rooms can be carefully tailored to suit your needs, helping you to stay entertained for hours. We install all kinds of garden rooms, from garden snooker rooms that could also feature air hockey, shuffleboard, pool tables, table tennis or even a basketball machine! Other people are looking for more of an additional living space with their garden games rooms, to play video games, board games or cards with friends and family. Your options are endless, so get in touch to start the process and find out how we can transform your outdoor space with our garden snooker rooms.

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The Perfect Insulation System For Your Garden Games Rooms

CHRIS® is our bespoke insulation system developed for our garden games rooms. Our aim isn’t just to provide warmth during winter, but to ensure your space is cool throughout the summer. CHRIS® is designed to provide all-year-round comfort so you can enjoy your outdoor games room no matter the weather or time of year.

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What Makes Our CHRIS® System Unique?

CHRIS® stands for Comfort, Heat, Reflective, and Insulation System. We use advanced technology and insulation materials to ensure you are comfortable in your garden games room all year round, keeping you sheltered in your little bubble as you enjoy playing a variety of games with your friends and family.

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Find Out More About Our Garden Games Rooms

To avoid the need for planning permission, all of our garden games rooms are less than 2.5m tall and are less than 30m² in footprint. Keeping our outdoor games rooms within these measurements helps to make the process nice and simple for our customers.

Just like our music studios, our summerhouse games rooms can also be soundproof, reducing any noise from outside so you can enjoy your games in peace. Also, you can freely play music without it disturbing your neighbours, whether you’re having a quick game before work or a late-night games session with friends!

Our outdoor games rooms have won awards for being the most thermally efficient garden studios in the UK. Our unique CHRIS® insulation system keeps your games room warm in the winter and cool during the summer, allowing you to enjoy the space all year round.

Garden games rooms generally take a few weeks, depending on the complexity of your room. During the construction, there will be very minimal disturbances, with our focus being on maintaining a tidy garden space for you and exceeding all of your expectations.


Whether you have a garden snooker room or an outdoor office, heating your outdoor garden studio will not be an issue. Once we are near completion of your outdoor games room, we will work on the interior and install a wall panel electrical heater, which quickly heats the space to a comfortable temperature. Our unique insulation system then helps to maintain the heat, making it energy-efficient and cost-effective.

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