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Teenage Den

Give your teenager the space they crave, while still keeping them close to home. A teenage den provides a haven for relaxation, study and hiding out. Here, individuality thrives, friendships deepen, and unforgettable memories are created in a space that respects their need for independence.

Fun and functional furniture creates a welcoming vibe and encourages relaxation and socialising. Create flexible seating that can change as they grow and multi-purpose storage to house all their gadgets. Maximise natural light with well-placed windows and consider a vibrant, youthful decor that reflects their personality.

Start your project today and bring your dream garden room to life

Empower your teenagers to express themselves and enjoy a space that evolves with their interests.

At Elite Garden Studios, we’re here to craft a teenage den that’s more than a hangout; it’s a canvas for their dreams, their passions and their journey towards adulthood.

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Insulation System

The heart of our build quality is the innovative CHRIS® insulation system. The system ensures that your garden room is a haven of comfort, regardless of the weather outside. It’s a unique feature that makes our garden rooms truly stand out.

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