A Garden Room For Every Dream

We’re here to transform your dreams into reality and invite you to craft a space that suits your unique vision and purpose, one garden room at a time. Our luxury garden rooms are bespoke and tailored to your requirements, adding another room to your lovely home, without the need for any building permissions. We offer large and small garden rooms, with a collaborative design process that we’re sure will exceed your expectations, from a new home office to music studio or another stunning living space. No matter what it is, we can guarantee satisfaction with our luxury garden rooms, providing the perfect outdoor room that takes your garden to the next level.

Transform Your Dream Garden Room Into Reality

Designed to perfection, our luxury garden rooms come with our premium insulation, electrical outlets, and lighting, ensuring that your garden room is perfectly suited to your needs. Our focus is always to create a comfortable additional space with our garden rooms, with stunning natural lighting to enjoy in the day and cosy mood lighting for evenings, as well as a space that is cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Whether you’re looking for a games room, home office, garden, a space for your small business or an entertaining space, we’ll work with you to provide outstanding service from start to finish as we design and build your luxury garden room.

Expand Your Home With Our Luxury Garden Rooms

We can create stunning outdoor rooms that are exactly tailored to your style of living and interior design taste. From tranquil garden offices to motivating home workout studios, explore examples of our luxury garden rooms below. 

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More Information About Our Luxury Garden Rooms

The design and construction time for your garden room depends on your location and the size of your new outdoor living area. Following a conversation with one of our consultants, we’ll be able to give you a much better idea of how long the full project might take. As there is no planning permission required for our garden rooms, this also ensures that there isn’t anything to slow down the process. To give you an idea, from the beginning of the construction and installation, your garden room will typically be ready to use within a matter of weeks.

Yes, every detail of either our large or small garden rooms can be customised to exactly what you’re looking for. From the initial decisions of the main purpose for the space, from a home office, small business, home gym or music studio, through to the overall size. After this, we can provide our design recommendations and then we can work together to create your bespoke design and make recommendations on the style and size of your desk in your home office through to the lighting and soundproofing in your home cinema or the flooring in your home gym.

Yes, our luxury garden rooms are fully insulated using our unique system, making your outdoor room comfortable for all year round use. Elite Garden Studios won the award for the most thermally efficient garden rooms in the UK thanks to our CHRIS® insulation system, so you can stay cosy in the winter and cool in the summer.  

CHRIS® is an innovative insulation system developed by Elite Garden Studios to provide your luxury garden room with the best temperature control all year round. We are often asked whether underfloor heating can be installed and although it can, it isn’t required with this award winning insulation to help you transform and enjoy your garden room through all the seasons.

We can install your garden room on various types of foundations, including concrete and ground screws. Our experts will help you choose the best option for your space.

Our garden rooms are designed with high-grade materials, giving you the luxury look you desire. When constructing our luxury garden rooms, we always achieve the highest quality of craftmanship with each bespoke outdoor room

We take pride in quality and innovation, providing a multi-layered configuration which offers extraordinary benefits at each step. The first layer is composite cladding which provides you with the luxury look of your garden room, as well as weather resistance and longevity. This is followed by a 25mm air gap which prevents moisture build-up and supports the durability of the outdoor room. We ensure air gaps are part of the CHRIS® system to help improve ventilation and insulation. 

The structural backbone of the layers is fitted with an 11mm OSB board to help improve stability and strength. This is followed by 100mm of foam insulation, to keep your room warm during the winter and cool during the summer months, providing you with a comfortable temperature all year round and reducing energy bills. We also use battens that are weather-resistant and are designed to last throughout all the seasons. A 6-layer foil quilt is also installed to improve the overall insulation of your outdoor room

The plasterboard and plaster will follow the air gap to offer a smooth finish before decorating to suit the space.

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