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Choose Elite Garden Studios for a garden room that transcends ordinary construction. Our unwavering dedication to craftsmanship and build quality ensures that your investment is not just in a structure but in a legacy of excellence. Experience the difference of craftsmanship beyond compare.

Build Quality

At Elite Garden Studios we take pride in our commitment to quality and innovation. The construction of our garden rooms are a testament to our dedication to excellence, featuring a unique multi-layered configuration designed to offer exceptional benefits at every step. Explore the carefully crafted layers that make our garden rooms truly extraordinary.

Composite Cladding

The outer layer presents a beautiful and durable facade, enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your garden room while providing weather resistance and longevity.


25mm Air Gap Battens

Ensuring proper ventilation and preventing moisture build up, these battens contribute to the longevity of your garden room’s structure.


Breathable Waterproof Membrane

This layer acts as a shield, protecting your interior from the elements while allowing moisture to escape, keeping your garden room dry and comfortable.


11mm OSB Board

A sturdy and resilient layer that serves as the structural backbone of your walls, ensuring stability and strength.


100mm Foam Insulation

This layer delivers exceptional thermal performance, keeping your garden room cosy year round while reducing energy costs.


11mm OSB Board

Another layer of OSB reinforces the structural integrity of your walls, guaranteeing long-lasting quality.


25mm Air Gap Battens

Further enhancing ventilation and insulation, these battens ensure your comfort in all seasons.


Unique 6-Layer Foil Quilt

Our secret weapon against temperature extremes, this unique quilt provides exceptional insulation, keeping your garden room warm in winter and cool in summer.


25mm Air Gap Battens

These battens create an additional layer of insulation and ventilation, adding to the overall energy efficiency of your garden room.



The final layer of your garden room offers a flawless and smooth finish.


Painted Finish

Every wall is painted white, serving as a blank canvas, awaiting your personal decoration to bring your unique vision to life within your Elite Garden Studio.


At Elite Garden Studios, we believe that the exterior cladding of your garden room should not only be a stunning visual statement but also a testament to longevity and sustainability. Combining the timeless aesthetics of traditional wood with the durability of modern high-tech materials, wood composite cladding provides the premium choice for your garden room.

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Our roofing is exclusively crafted from a single-piece EPDM rubber, guaranteeing exceptional insulation and long-lasting durability, built to endure the test of time.

Windows And Doors

Elite Garden Studios ensures your peace of mind with high-security, triple-glazed, energy-efficient aluminium-framed windows and bi-fold doors fitted into every garden room.

Interior Finishes

Our walls come complete with plasterboard, a smooth skim finish, and a fresh coat of white paint, providing you with a blank canvas to add your personal touch. Because each garden studio is one-of-a-kind, our garden room floors are finished, allowing you to easily lay the interior flooring of your choice to create a space that truly reflects your style and taste.


All our garden rooms are supplied with ample double sockets, internal and external LED spotlights in a brushed chrome finish. For year-round comfort, a wall mounted thermostatically controlled electric panel heater will be installed to keep your space cosy in any season.

Need to know a little more?

A garden room is a versatile, standalone structure designed to expand your living space into your outdoor area. It can serve as an office, gym, studio, or any other purpose you desire.

Many of our customers use their garden rooms for a variety of purposes including home offices, gyms, games rooms and home cinemas. They have also used them to run their small businesses, anything from physios, accountants to photography and recording studios.

All of our garden rooms fall under permitted development rights as they are below 2.5m tall and are less than 30m2 in footprint. If you have any questions about this, please contact us on 0333 900 2222.

Yes, we offer options to add decking or a canopy to enhance the exterior of your garden room.

Yes, our garden rooms are fully insulated using our unique CHRIS® system, ensuring they can be comfortably used all year-round.

For year-round comfort, a wall-mounted thermostatically controlled electric panel heater will be installed to keep your space cosy in the winter.

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