The Most Thermally Efficient Garden Room in the UK

Elite Garden Studios has achieved a significant milestone in garden room construction. The detailed analysis conducted by an independent engineering consultant who are members of the Centre for Window and Cladding Technology, ensures our garden rooms excel in thermal performance, with a U-value of 0.16 W/m²K, surpassing industry standards for insulation. This meticulous approach to design guarantees that our garden rooms provide year-round comfort, energy efficiency, and are free from condensation risks. The use of advanced materials like SIPs with OSB and EPS insulation, alongside innovative construction techniques, positions Elite Garden Studios as a leader in sustainable and high-quality garden room solutions. Our commitment to excellence and sustainability is now scientifically validated, offering our customers unmatched assurance in their investment.

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Maximising Comfort and Efficiency: The Science Behind Our Garden Rooms

At Elite Garden Studios, we are committed to providing not just aesthetically pleasing garden rooms but also spaces that are built on the foundation of scientific research and advanced engineering. Our latest technical report highlights the exceptional thermal performance and moisture management of our garden room walls, ensuring they are comfortable, energy-efficient, and durable.

Superior Insulation for Year-Round Comfort

Our garden rooms boast a U-value of 0.16 W/m²K, significantly exceeding standard requirements. This low U-value is a testament to our garden rooms’ ability to retain heat, reducing the need for additional heating in winter and keeping the interior cool in summer. It means lower energy bills and a smaller carbon footprint for our customers.

Designed to Keep Moisture Out

The risk of condensation within walls can lead to structural and health issues. Our construction technique ensures that our garden rooms are at no risk of condensation. This not only protects the structure and longevity of the room but also ensures a healthy environment for you and your family.

A Commitment to Excellence

Elite Garden Studios’ dedication to excellence and innovation is reflected in the meticulous design of our garden rooms. We leverage cutting-edge materials and construction methods to deliver spaces that are not only beautiful but also scientifically sound. Our latest report confirms that our garden rooms are designed to provide optimal comfort, efficiency, and durability, making them the ideal choice for discerning customers looking for quality and performance.

Elite Garden Studios is here to help you every step of the way, from design to installation, to create the garden room of your dreams.

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