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Welcome to a world where luxury meets limitless potential, where every garden studio is as unique as the dreams that inspire it. Choose Elite Garden Studios. Choose the exceptional.

Garden Studios That Are Elite By Nature

At Elite Garden Studios, we believe that your garden studio room is more than just an outdoor space; it’s an opportunity to cultivate something extraordinary. Nestled within nature’s embrace, our luxury garden studios are more than structures; they are the canvas for your imagination, the sanctuary of your dreams, and the embodiment of refined living.

The Most Thermally Efficient Garden Studios in the UK

Elite Garden Studios are the most thermally efficient luxury garden studios in the UK. Find out more about the detailed analysis conducted by independent engineering consultants who are members of the Centre for Window and Cladding Technology.

Garden Studios That Are Elite By Nature

We understand that our customers want to use their luxury garden studios for different purposes, which is always possible. Many of our customers use theirs to bring the outdoors in, creating a stunning new outside haven that is perfect for reading a book on a rainy day, hosting summer BBQ’s or generally enjoying their gardens whilst in comfort. Our luxury garden studios also make ideal workplaces, whether as a garden office or home beauty salon, finding the ideal balance between style and functionality to exceed your expectations. There are no limits when it comes to what we can offer and our exceptional team will work with you every step of the way to ensure your garden studio meets your requirements exactly.

Office Garden Studios

Upgrade to a prestigious new work-from-home office with our luxury garden studios. This studio will give you the ideal space that you require when working from the comfort of your own home, offering little distractions to maintain optimal focus.

These garden studios are completely bespoke, right through to the smallest details to help you align the design with your style of living. Focusing on a desk for example, we will provide you with so many options, from more compact options through to those designed for reviewing A3 drawings, all in the material and style you love. Our process is always collaborative, where we take the time to understand what you want, provide you with our ideas and designs, then work with you to perfect every detail. Find out more about our office garden studios.

Home Gyms

You don’t need to worry about overcrowded public gyms anymore with our home gym studio rooms. These are the perfect spaces to help you achieve your fitness goals in a more private, luxurious and spacious area, just seconds away from your home.

In our garden studio rooms, we can offer shock absorption flooring to reduce noise from heavier weights, as well as perfecting the lighting, mirrors and ventilation so nothing holds you back. When you know you have a state-of-the-art garden studio waiting outside, we know you’ll always look forward to your workouts. Get in touch with Elite Garden Studios today to find out more about our home gyms.

Music Studios

Home music studios are fantastic for those who are musically minded, however noise often becomes an issue, both for neighbours and often your loved ones! With our luxury garden studios, it won’t be a concern, as you can delve into your passion without concern thanks to soundproofed walls. Your music garden studio design can also feature adjustable mood lighting to really help you relax and unwind.

Games Rooms

Our games rooms are the perfect place to escape into a world of fun. Whether for gaming, pool, snooker, darts, family game nights or anything in between, enjoy your luxury and bespoke space with friends and family, or get away from it all and enjoy some me time.

At Elite Garden Studios, we build games rooms to create memories to last a lifetime, as you can enjoy non-stop entertainment in style. With our CHRIS® Insulation System, we can provide a cosy and comfortable space for all year-round use.

Create Your Own Luxury Garden Studio

Elite Garden Studios transforms your dreams into reality and invites you to craft a space that suits your unique vision and purpose one garden studio at a time.

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Your Journey Starts Here

At every stage of your journey, you can be assured we will provide the utmost quality, refinement, and exclusivity ensuring that your garden room transcends mere construction, becoming a masterpiece of luxury living.

Craftsmanship Beyond Compare

Choose Elite Garden Studios for a garden room that transcends ordinary construction. Our unwavering dedication to craftsmanship and build quality ensures that your investment is not just in a structure but in a legacy of excellence. Experience the difference of craftsmanship beyond compare.

Start your project today and bring your dream garden room to life

Starting at £27,000, our 3m x 3m* garden studios are your first step into a world of bespoke luxury. Given the custom nature of our garden rooms, each project we undertake is distinctively tailored to meet individual specifications. Contact us for a personalised quote, ensuring your garden room is crafted to your exact preferences. Let’s start a conversation about how we can bring your dream garden room to life, making it as individual as you are.

* Internal Size

Create your own space

We’re here to transform your dreams into reality and invite you to craft a space that suits your unique vision and purpose one garden room at a time.

Our Latest Garden Studio

Tottington Motor Company, nestled in the heart of Manchester, approached Elite Garden Studios with a pressing issue – their existing office space within the warehouse was not only cramped but also uncomfortably cold during the winter months. Our design focused on combining style and functionality provided the perfect solution.

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Insulation System

The heart of our build quality is the innovative CHRIS® Insulation System. This ensures that your garden studio is a haven of comfort, regardless of the weather outside. It’s our unique feature that makes our luxury garden studio rooms truly stand out.

Need to know a little more?

A garden studio is a versatile, standalone structure designed to expand your living space into your outdoor area. Our luxury garden studios are designed with the best insulation system which is designed to last. These garden studios are perfect to add another room to your home.

At Elite Garden Studios, we design your room to suit whatever your needs are. These garden studios can be designed as music studios, home gyms, home offices, small business studios, games rooms, outdoor living spaces, home cinemas and so much more. We can meet and exceed your expectations when it comes to the design of our garden studio rooms.

No, you do not need planning permission for your garden studio. They fall under the permitted development rights as the size of these garden studios do not exceed 2.5m tall and are less than 30m2 in footprint. For more information on the size of our luxury garden studios, contact us on 0333 900 2222.

Yes absolutely, whether you want to add decking, a canopy or both. This helps to connect the indoors and outdoors of the space in a stunning and functional way. Options for decking or a canopy will be discussed in the consultation process and can be included in the design of your luxury garden studio.

Our garden studios not only are impeccably designed but also are extremely comfortable for all year round use thanks to our innovative CHRIS® insulation system. From the hottest summer days to the coldest winter nights, our garden studios are designed to be enjoyed through every season.

During the installation of your garden studio, we also provide you with an electric panel heater so you can keep the space warm during winter. With our CHRIS® insulation system, we know that your garden studio won’t feel cold and will be a cosy space to enjoy either on your own or with friends and family.

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